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GCSEAL Security Seals Purpose.

 Wednesday, 27 June 2018

there seems to be an expanding number of container seal marketers, each claiming to be the best and most cost-effective solution, ranging from established manufacturers to knock-off imitators, with critical differences, and to entrepreneurs promoting products with nothing more than a cell phone for an office and an e-mail address that ends with “” The purpose of this paper is to educate shippers on concepts of seals, to compare their advantages and disadvantages and to provide recommendations for best practices.
First, the industry has evolved such that shippers and manufacturers often use the term “seals” interchangeably, as if they were the same thing. But, simply put, there are seals, and each has a different purpose.
Seals are passive securing devices used to provide evidence of one-time entry (through the container doors) or tampering. They are sometimes called “indicative seals.” A seal does not provide any level of protection when used by itself. Seals are used simply for record-keeping purposes; designed to provide evidence of tampering or attempted tampering.

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