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Plastic Seal Mold Caused By The Color

 Monday, 26 June 2017

In the current plastic seals often encounter a lot of color of the situation, although this in itself does not affect the use of quality problems, but if the same batch of color mixed, then it will inevitably give people a bad feeling. There are many reasons for the color difference, and today we mainly talk about one of the situation - the plastic seal mold caused by the color.
1, the general plastic seal is a one-time injection molding machine to complete, convenient and quick. But this machine operation will inevitably have some wear and error, in the injection molding machine with a period of time after the existence of material deadline in the case of such a replacement equipment, and do not want to continue to use in order to reduce costs.
2, the mold in the pouring exhaust slot, if the mold itself is a problem, then it is easy to cause color problems, this time on the need to repair these damaged modules.Therefore, usually should be more on the injection molding machine to do maintenance work, to avoid strain caused by plastic seal color.

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