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Security Seal Awareness

 Thursday, 04 August 2016

Security Seal Awareness : Global Threats Comparison

In the modern world there is an importance and an acknowledgement for the need to have antivirus software to help protect us against web attacks such as malware, identity theft and online fraud. Every online user commits extra effort into ensuring that our antivirus is set to “auto update” and that we conduct virus scans on a frequent basis to give us a ‘piece of mind’ in terms of protections from the vast growing online threats of the future.

In comparison, it may come as a surprise that many companies with a need for supply chain security/protection, do not make an efforts to regularly look into the features of the security seals they choose for their supply chains. This means they are overlooking the benefits or potential risks their seals are adding to their supply chain vulnerability.

A seal is NOT just a seal!
The two primary purposes of a security seal are to resist tampering and provide proof of tampering. The important challenge for the security seal industry is to continuously developing products that meet or exceed the requirements of the market while providing unique tamper detection features. Equally important is the challenge for security seal manufacturers to educate the users of security seals. This includes making educated choices on what security seals to use for different applications and situations, how to use them and what procedures should be implemented around the usage of the seals.

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