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Unique Lock Design Cable

 Tuesday, 11 July 2017

One piece high security barrier cable seal.
Unique lock design that is virtually impossible to open.
No tool required for installation, simply push cable through body to lock.
Requires cable cutter to remove.
Standard overall length 425 mm with 4 mm diameter strong aircraft cable.
Can be supplied in other desired cable seal length.
Once locked, any attempt to separate cable from seal body only serves to strengthen the connection.
Maximum protection against pilferage, tampering, adulteration, theft.
no cut and rejoin possible.
Pull apart force approximate 2000 kg.
Materal : Aluminium body with aircraft cable
Seals supplied with engraved text matter upto 8 character and non-repeat sequential number of 7 digit.
To order use part no. CLS-425-4 cable seal.

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