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Use plastic seals to keep the car

 Thursday, 20 September 2018

After the rain, the car door seal was wet and stuck to the paint surface, and the door was not smoothed with a "squeaky" sound. A talcum powder can be applied to the rubber suture in the door, the symptoms can disappear, and the opening and closing is free and there is no sound. This method is applicable to the abnormal sound of the refrigerator and freezer door in the home.
The bright car paint often unintentionally scratches the road. The owner of the car can not push the sand to the car beauty shop. I have used toothpaste polishing method to remove the slight scratches for many years, and the effect is good. The method is to first wash the scratches with water, then take a clean cloth or towel, rub a little bit of toothpaste on the scratches, plastic seals, wire seals, nylon cable ties, container seals, oil-filled cars Seals, security seals, signage straps, wire tie and various lead seals made by domestic famous plastic seals can be wiped dry with wet wipes after the scratches disappear or weaken. The reason is very simple. Toothpaste itself is an abrasive that cleans the teeth. It does not hurt the human body and will not hurt the paint.

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