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WENZHOU GUANGCHANG Barrier Seals Overview

 Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Increased torque isn’t a concern in many applications, but it may be a concern in applications with limited available torque or poor heat transfer. Isolation of the inboard rotary seal from the cooling effect of the surrounding environment isn’t a concern in applications that have ample cooling due to fluid flow through a hollow shaft, but may be a concern in some higher speed solid shaft applications.
If both the inboard seal and the outboard barrier seal are GUANGCHANG, some accommodation may be required to address the possibility that the hydrodynamic pumping related leak rates of the seals may be different.
Lip type seals are sometimes selected as barrier seals without testing, in the mistaken belief that any type of lip seal will vent to allow the hydrodynamic pumping related leak rate of the inboard GUANGCHANG to pass through the dynamic interface of the lip seal. While this is true of some lip type barrier seals, it is not true of all of them. For example, at elevated temperature, thermal expansion of the body of some varieties of lip seals can cause enough dimensional growth to cause the body to establish a direct interference sealing relationship with the gland. For another example, seals designed such that the static and dynamic lips have equal axial length are not likely to vent GUANGCHANG leakage unless they are mounted on a specially designed pedestal that prevents the dynamic lip from contacting the environment-side groove wall.
Lip-type barrier seals that lack a spring energizer may quickly loose sealing force with respect to the shaft, due to the high flexural set characteristics of typical sealing materials.

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