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Comprehensive analysis of plastic seals

 Thursday, 26 July 2018

Application areas for plastic seals
Various standard containers, vans, doors
Airline support, duty free shops, boxes, bags
Postal services, courier services, etc.
The composition of the plastic seal:
The plastic seal has a square plastic port at one end, a hook-shaped elastic plastic buckle inside, and a plastic sealing strip with serrations on the other end. The strip can be bent through the plastic port at the front and form a ring, similar to pants. The belt can be used to bundle cables.
Specifications for plastic seals
Indicative seal;
Material: polypropylene or polyethylene;
Pure plastic products, easy to recycle after use;
Tightening lock structure, total length: 295 mm;
With more than 30 lock points for customers to choose;
Tensile strength: about 10 kg
Removed with scissors after locking;
Printing of plastic seals
Company logo and / or name, serial number;
Laser barcodes, etc.
Color classification of plastic seals
The color of the plastic seal can be divided into: yellow, blue, white, green, orange, red, etc., which can be freely selected.
The scope of application of plastic seals:
Suitable for various applications such as tank trucks/container trucks.
Since the serrations on the seal strip can be tightly fitted with the elastic plastic clasp in the plastic port, the plastic seal can be very firmly fixed.
Packing details of plastic seals
Standard packaging: 1000 / box
Carton size: 37.5cm X 33cm X 40.5cm
Weight: Gross weight: 4.0 kg / net weight: 3.0 kg
Manufacturing process of plastic seal
The seal is made of PP plastic in one injection molding. The seal is covered with steel sheet. The product is at 45 degrees below zero and 50 degrees at zero. The surface is stamped or laser marked. The serial number, bar code and lock bar are 2 * 5 flat rods. Adjust the tightening at the time of sealing

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