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 Sunday, 01 July 2018

• 3D models of parts and assemblies produced in SolidWorks ANSYS COMPUTATIONAL ANALYSIS
• Nonlinear mechanical behavior of metallic, elastomer and composite materials
• Contact stress evaluation
• Creep relaxation in joint assemblies
• Multi-axial fatigue
• Pressure and thermal effects PHYSICAL TESTING
• Compression load characterization
• Helium leakage
• Nitrogen leakage up to 4000 psi
• Thermal cycling from -70 to 200ºC
• Seal characterization at temperatures up to 1200ºC
• Cyclic durability
GCSEAL is committed to providing the highest quality metal seals and sealing systems. We provide seals for use in some of the most critical and demanding applications, including aerospace, nuclear power generation and automotive. Our quality system is monitored by our customers as well as third party auditing firms. We are certified to International Standards ISO9000 and AS9100. Our quality program also meets the requirements of 10CFR50. We welcome customer audits as well as source inspections. Our staff includes multiple Certified Quality Engineers and Certified Quality Auditors, and we are committed to our Quality Policy of Total Customer Value throughout our supply chain.

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