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Guangchang Wire seal Overview

 Friday, 24 August 2018

The life of the wire seal net skeleton plastic (PE) composite pipe will make the hard work of the large diameter plastic pipe poorly solved. The above-mentioned characteristics of the product make it a long-term growth prospect in the municipal water supply, and in the pharmaceutical, petroleum and chemical industries.
Due to structural differences, the wire-sealed mesh skeleton plastic (PE) composite pipe is higher in pressure and pressure resistance than PVC, PE and PP-R pipes. The thickness required for the product to encounter the same pressure is lower than that of pure plastic. Plastic pipes and pipelines have a resistance to image cracking, rapid crack growth and creep resistance, and the long-term success is also guaranteed. It not only preserves the excellent pressure-bearing performance of the steel pipe, but also has the pleasing pledge of the plastic pipe and the ease of laying, the craftsmanship, and the long life.

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