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High pressure flange bolt seal design with gasket safety factor

 Monday, 10 September 2018

Based on the gasket coefficient and the pre-tightening pressure of the gasket, the two characteristics of the characteristic ratio and the characteristic coefficient reflecting the combination characteristics of the gasket are analyzed. It is proposed that the structural form and material properties of the gasket are characterized by the gasket safety factor. Safe reserve under pressure. A typical safety factor curve is drawn. The safety factor decreases with the increase of the calculated pressure, and there is a single inflection point in the curve drop. The gasket application pressure is greater than the inflection point pressure and is less than the calculated pressure when the gasket safety factor is equal to 1. Sealing design is carried out by applying various gaskets with corresponding calculation pressures under different safety factors to ensure the effectiveness of the seal structure design.
Flange bolts Forced compression gasket seals are a wide-format seal used in petrochemical equipment (as shown in Figure 1). With the large-scale equipment and complicated working conditions, a large number of equipment flange sealing failures caused by gaskets have appeared in the project. According to the permissible reliability under different working conditions, the safety factor of bolt static strength of internal pressure vessel gasket seal is analyzed, but the safety factor of gasket is not involved. The literature only refers to the metal skeleton structure parameters of corrugated composite gasket. The reliability analysis is carried out, and the results have no applicability to other gasket structures. The literature analyzes the design factors and manufacturing factors of high-pressure flange bolt seal failure from the surface, and does not analyze the gasket problem in depth. The quality problems of composite graphite corrugated metal mats and their technical countermeasures were studied. The literature believes that the values of the two values of the gasket coefficient m and the gasket preloading ratio y are generally very low.

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