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GUANGCHANG HARDWARES locates in WENZHOU city is well-known as a specialist designer and manufacturer of security seals and nowadays becoming as one of the largest security seals manufacturers in China and the products are widely acknowledged as innovative in design and advanced in security features.

Although GUANGCHANG HARDWARES is a new name in the industry, our expertise working as a supplier of a full range of security seals and container seals is based on years experience on the security seals market.

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Seals by Application

Below are some of the more common applications in which our security seals can be applied to. For more details click on each of the applications to see which security seals we recommend for each application type.

Security Seals by Industry

GCSEAL Security Seals can secure any industry. We can customise our security seals to suit your industry needs. Click on the Industry’s below to see which security seals we recommend for your Industry.

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High Security Seals

High Security Seals by GCSEAL are manufactured to the highest standards. Each bolt seal and cable is certified to ISO 17712 and accepted by customs authorities around the world. No other security seal manufacturer in the world has security seals made to the highest standard.

Why Choose us

bolt seals and cable seals are certified as “HIGH SECURITY SEALS” by latest version of ISO/PAS 17712:2013 DAYTON T.

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Working time

WEEK DAYS: 08:00 – 17:30