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What is C TPAT?

 Thursday, 04 August 2016

C TPAT is an abbreviation of “Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism”. Since the founding of the Department of Homeland Security more than a decade ago, CBP and the trade community have collaborated to make international travel and trade easier, cheaper and more secure.

CBP’s approach to cargo security leverages these partnerships to efficiently focus resources on areas of high risk or strategic importance. In January 2012, the U.S. Government released the National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security, which established the United States Government’s policy to strengthen the global supply chain to protect the welfare and interests of the American people and to enhance our Nation’s economic prosperity.

The C-TPAT program supports the Strategy by promoting the efficient and secure movement of legitimate goods and by fostering a global supply chain system that is resilient to natural as well as man-made disruptions. The program also supports the Strategy by improving detection capabilities to identify illicit cargo; maximizing efforts to facilitate the flow of legitimate trade; and fostering an international approach.

C-TPAT Benefits:
Makes Company More Competitive
Protects Company’s Brand Image
Enhances Marketing Opportunities
Protects Your Industry
Facilitates Globalization
Demonstrates Good Corporate Citizenship
Enhances Security in Supply Chain
Increases Personnel Security Awareness
Improves Risk Management Procedures/Systems

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