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Application of safety seals in air transportation

 Thursday, 19 July 2018

whereby authorised and audited operators may apply their own in-house measures for the secure preparation of cargo destined for despatch by airfreight. This allows expedited cargo movements for those who follow best practice in the industry.
An application to the DfT for approval as a Known Consignor will be followed by a visit from a DfT accredited validator. If the shipper’s safety and audit controls meet the requirement they will be issued a unique identifier. Further information is available from the specialist aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority .
Security seals are an important part of this process, both for the shipper who processes and packs goods for cargo movements, and for logistic operators who handle consignments between locations. Indicative seals, such as cable security seals and non-residue security labels, are uniquely numbered and provide suitable tamper-evident security to protect against unauthorised interference.
As an example of how such security seals can assist in practice, consider the role of a courier company transporting safety-critical aircraft parts between suppliers and secure airport facilities. If the goods are sent from a known consignor, who is accredited under national regulations, then consignments can be loaded within vans at the supplier facility, and a security label placed over the side and rear doors to verify the authorised loading. This allows the consignment to proceed directly for embarkation at airport. On the other hand, if they are not a known consignor then the load will have to proceed to a cargo handler, to be x-rayed and security validated. The consignment can be then sealed in the van in the same way, and proceed to the airport.
Security seals will be checked at the airline to make sure they have not been broken or tampered with. Our indicative plastic seals for trailers, cable security seals for air cargo containers, and security labels for vans can assist in the smooth operation of known cargo / SPX cargo operations. All of security seal products are available on short lead times and with bespoke customisation for your needs.

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